Posted by: purestjoy | July 7, 2010

And time marches on……

Life.   Most of the time, it seems to be a jumble of emotions or maybe that’s just me?   You have really sad stuff, but then you have really happy stuff. If not happening at the same time, happening really closely together.

I started officially taking court reporting jobs last week.   Yes, you read that right.      After the first deposition that I took, my boss said that I looked like I had post-traumatic shock.  To be honest, I think I kind of did! hah! 😉    So now begins my crazy life of a court reporter.  Though it won’t be completely crazy because I am not going as a full-time court reporter, I am still keeping my morning job. God is good.    This does mean though that I won’t have as much free-time as I had before.   Though, it means I will be more disciplined in the time that I have, which is a good thing.  heh 😉

Speaking of being more disciplined, I was NOT last night and I slept for 12 hours.  So this  means that I have a lot to do before heading to work, since I got up 4 hours later than I had planned.   OOPS.

Love to all!



  1. How exciting on the job front! Also – praying for your family in this time of loss and thinking of you as you miss your sweet brother. Hugs.

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