Posted by: purestjoy | July 12, 2010

Who you gonna call?

So I got sick this weekend.  Like horrible, puking sick.   Let me tell you a little secret.   Being sick is bad.   Being ALONE and sick is REALLY bad.  I of course had my adorable little doggies, but try as I might to get them to get me medicine and fix me something to eat, they just wouldn’t do it.  They would stare at me with their puppy dog eyes and lick my hands and feet.  Or just watched while I puked into the toilet.   So seeing as I couldn’t stand up for 30 seconds without having to lay back down because I felt like I was going to pass out, I did what any reasonable person would do.

I called my Mommy.

Mommy’s are wonderful creatures, are they not?   Mom came in no time flat, bearing wondrous things like “7-up”,  “Peptobismol”, “ibuprofren” and “chicken soup”.   And because I have never once lived down the time that I fainted three times in one night when I was a teenager and didn’t wake my parents up…until the third time, the “thud” woke them up….she has been here ever since.

We’ve watched lots of “I Love Lucy” (Thank you Hallmark for having a marathon…laughter is the best medicine) and “Amazing Wedding Cakes”  (seriously insane, y’all). She let the doggies out, and brought me food and didn’t mind that I was not the most pleasant smelling creature ever.

Thankfully, I am doing mucho better today…I’ve been sitting and working on transcribing, and have been able to do so, so it will be back to the grind tomorrow.

But…God bless Mommy’s.  Especially mine. 🙂


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