Posted by: purestjoy | July 14, 2010

Of course it ends with coffee……

So I’m not strung out on sugar and caffeine like I was yesterday (could you tell?)  But I’m still in a random mood.   So….Random facts about me:

  • Ever since coming back from India, I have the hardest time remembering my cell phone.   Some people have gotten mad at me over this.  I feel bad until I remember that if this were 20 years ago, they wouldn’t have been able to get a hold of me anyways, and then I don’t feel bad.   I am trying to get better though.  Thank you for your patience.
  • Sometimes I get tired of explaining what a court reporter is & does.   I know I shouldn’t because a lot of very nice people don’t know and honestly are interested.  But I still get tired of it.  :/
  • If I see you out in public and I don’t know you REALLY well, I probably won’t say hi.   This stems from MANY instances where I saw a person and was like “HI!!!”  and they just stared at me dumbly, and then I had to tell them who I was, and where they knew me from …and sometimes you could tell they STILL didn’t recognize me.  I got really tired of that, so now I just forego saying anything because I *really* don’t like that “awkward” look.
  • If you want to be my best friend, give me coffee.  Seriously.    Coffee beans, coffee grounds, a cup of coffee. I will mostly likely love you forever.   To me that speaks of…”being remembered”
  • “Being remembered” is something that a good friend posted about recently.  She’s doing a series on why her husband is wonderful.  It’s really not as gag-in-your-mouth as it sounds.  And one of the things she says is that he remembers.  He remembers the little things about her (i.e., she likes licorice and sparkly things, people she talks about, the shoes that make her feet her..etc)  It immediately made me think of God, and how He remembers us, and just how wonderful that is.  He knows the very hairs upon my head.  That is infinitely precious, ya know?  All of us long to be remembered, I think.  I know whenever somebody remembers that I like coffee and makes sure that there is coffee around, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   They know me.  They love me.  They remember. The first Saturday we were in India, we went to Total, which is like a mall there.  And Uncle Ram made sure I knew where the Coffee Day was, and made that out team meet up spot, so that I especially could have my coffee.   Do you know how loved that made me feel?   REALLY loved. 🙂   It’s the little things sometimes that make all the difference in the world. Things that people don’t have to remember, but it’s really nice when they do.

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