Posted by: purestjoy | July 14, 2010


The good thing about being sick is you can lay around all day and watch TV & Movies and nobody yells at you about all the things you need to be doing.  In fact, they try not to tell you the things that need to be done because they DON’T want you doing them.

The bad thing about sick, besides the obvious “being sick” part, is HOLY COW am I behind on everything!  😦   And it’s all stuff that I have to do…like I can’t have people do it for me.   So sad.

Also.  I really want to see “Despicable Me”.   I mean…there are MINIONS.

This is also why I shouldn’t watch TV.   I probably wouldn’t even know that “Despicable Me” was out in theaters, and even if I did know, I probably wouldn’t care….BUT….you see….I watched TV, live TV.   And there were commercials…from IHOP & Best Buy, and while the commercials evidently failed because I really don’t want to go to IHOP nor Best Buy, it worked on some level because now I REALLY want to see “Despicable Me”.

Does anybody know if there are ‘kid” prices to see movies?  Like any special theaters that give kids discounted rates like before 5?  Because they did that would be AWESOME.  I think it would be SO FUN to see it with the three boys. 🙂

This seems wrong after just writing about a movie, but oh well.  This is me, warts and all.  hah.   I did finish “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan and I *really* enjoyed it.  I am restraining myself from rushing out and buying his book “Crazy Love” because I’m hoping I can find it cheap somewhere.  But the book was really good.  I think you should read it.  You should read it and let me know if you hate it and if you do why, but if you love it, you should let me know too.  If you’re lukewarm about it, you shouldn’t let me know because I might bonk you over the head with an inanimate object because you shouldn’t be lukewarm. YOU WILL BE SPEWED OUT.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the amount of Christians who don’t get it when they say something about something being lukewarm and I remark ” YOU WILL BE SPEWED OUT”.   Read Revelations, folks.

I attempted to make s’mores today. I failed. I apparently cannot make a fire to save my life.  I will blame the paper I was using though.  I was trying to burn all the stuff that I should shred….because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to shred it.

Do you think people would be offended if I went to a campout, solely to have s’mores?  like, not to really fellowship…but mostly for the s’mores?   I can just see myself in my 60’s, still attending the “Singles Campouts”….just for the s’mores.   Everyone will whisper “Who is that crazy lady?”  and others will respond, “Bless her heart.  She’s a little touched in the head, but she’s our sister-in-Christ.   She just appears out of nowhere for these campouts.”    I will wear flowing skirts and haunt graveyards, and hit up all the single campouts for the smores.  It sounds like an awesome life to me!


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