Posted by: purestjoy | July 17, 2010

Dogs show their love in weird ways.

So, as I was out and about this morning, I had a GREAT thought for a blog post.  In fact, I was like, “I can’t wait to get home so I can write about this.”   I did my various things that I had to do, and I made my way home.

As I pulled into the driveway  and got out, I thought it rather odd that the little dogs’ noses weren’t peeering through the window as they always do when I pull up.  Strange, I thought to myself, and I hoped that they were doing all right. I had been gone for awhile, but normally, that’s completely fine.   But I walked up the walk and pulled out my keys and then I heard the frantic scratching at the door and the whining and all was well.  They greeted me happily, and then went rushing outside again, as I sat down my purse and my groceries, which was rather odd because normally they jump around me for a good five minute before doing their own thing.  But whatev.

I sat down my Aldi’s bag, and turned around and Gracie was right there, trying to jump on me with …. a WHAT?!?  WHAT IN THE HECK IS IN HER MOUTH!?!?   It looked like a dead mouse….and much to my horror, I screamed in shock (like a girl)  and did what any reasonable and sane person would do.  I ran outside.

Unfortunately, Gracie followed me with that THING still her in mouth. Gracie was very adament about showing me what she had and tried to jump on me whenever I stopped.  The neighbors probably thought I was nuts as I kept on screaming and running around the yard, interjected with “OH THAT”S SOOO GROSS!!!!  GrACIE! eWWWWWWWW!!!!!”

Gracie finally got the picture that I did NOT like it…and sat it down (rather gently) and I got a big stick and discovered to MORE of my horror that the poor little thing was ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I immediately put both dogs in the house, and ran to get a shoebox & paper towels and came back outside, and…….

……..nearly stepped on another one!!!!!!!! This one was in bad shape.   The skin was torn and you could see it’s little insides.   I still had NO idea what they were.  They were little and furless and their little eyes weren’t even open.   I put the “original” one in the shoebox because I figured it had more of a chance…the other little guy was a goner I was sure.  I had no idea what to do, so I called the mother of the lady at whose place I am housesitting for right now, thinking that she might know or at least know of a rescue place in the area. (i’m not familiar with this area, so I  thought maybe she would know.)

She didn’t know what to do, but I think she probably sensed the panic in my voice and said she’d be right over.   She also said that they might be baby squirrels.  Sure enough, I did a quick search on google, and discovered that they were indeed baby squirrels. Cute little helpless baby squirrels……

After I hung up with her, I immediately started crying.   The one outside the box was just squirming away.I felt so bad for it!!   The one inside the box was just so still…but still breathing.   But when I poked around some more ( I had gloves on) I discovered that it too had injuries…just on the other side so i didn’t see it at first.

T’s mom came and it was decided that she would take them both.  They probably wouldn’t make it due to their injuries, but I couldn’t very well keep them here with both the doggies and she had no doggies so she graciously took them both.

As near as I can tell because there were a bunch of leaves on the ground…I think they fell out of their nest. The branches are way up high so I don’t know if maybe the momma squirrel was fighting with other squirrels or not…there A LOT of leaves!   I searched the ground for more babies because according to google, squirrels can have 2 to 4 babies at time, but I didn’t see any more.  😦 😦 😦 😦

And now I can’t for the life of me remember what the great idea I had for a post was…………



  1. And we encourage Zoey to chase rabbits. She has caught two. However, I did yell at her when she was chasing baby bunnies. I figure adult rabbits should be smart enough to not live in a yard with a dog. We think they like the thrill of the chase.

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