Posted by: purestjoy | August 13, 2010

TV Shows and State Fairs. They don’t really go together, but they’re on my mind.

Do you ever stop and think why you like what you like and wonder WHY you like that you like?  For instance, TV shows.  I really like the A-team and Leverage.    Criminals, living on the wrong side of the law…but…doing good.  Like modern day Robin Hoods.   I wonder what makes me love them so much though?     I do like the fact that people don’t get killed in them.  Clean action, with shots of laughter.  Maybe that’s it?   I do not know.

I am exhausted at the moment.  I went to the State Fair today with a friend.  If I were brilliant, I would have taken my camera. But alas, I fall just a smidgen short of being brilliant so no camera.   I was really happy she could go with me and she brought her daughter, who was SO GOOD.  She turns five months in a week.  In spite of it being incredibly hot (seriously, it wore me out) she was so happy and good. 🙂

The State Fair holds so many memories for me. I think that’s one reason I love to go.   I can walk around and remember “at this spot so-and-so told me they were pregnant,  this is the spot where s0-and-so and I had a REALLY good talk.  This is where Ereling and I had the wheelchair issues, etc etc” 🙂

It was so hot today though that I passed up an elephant ear, if you can believe it.   BUT the good news is I’m going again on Monday (hellooo Free Rodeo!)  so I will make sure and get one there.   I’ll have plenty of people to help me eat it, I’m sure….and many more wonderful memories will be made. 🙂


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