Posted by: purestjoy | August 21, 2010

What’s love without a violin-playing goat?

  • I love Costco.  I just thought I’d throw that out there because it is SO true.    I know, I am only one person so I can’t buy a whole lot there because it goes bad and I have no room to freeze anything. But, oh, it gives me such joy. And one of these days, I will stop looking for my cousin David   He’s only over 2000 miles away.   COSTCO IS NOT A TRAVEL WARP. Sadly. Wouldn’t that be awesome if it were though?
  • I had a deposition today, but the witness didn’t show.  After I read her name I was very glad because I couldn’t even pronounce it.
  • I also love Yankee Candles.   Cranberry Chutney is my all time favorite.  I am currrently burning Vanilla Cupcake, which I will probably soon regret a lot because I will probably be craving cupcakes.  AGAIN.
  • I am very tired today. I took a nap, but I still only have energy for laying in bed and messing around on my laptop.  Me thinks I need to start remembering to take my vitamins again.  Why do I only remember when I don’t feel good?  WHY?
  • I also feel like I”m going to throw up. aren’t you glad you know that now?
  • So where I was going today the receptionist is known for complimenting people on everything. Their hair, their clothes…she’s just the nicest person.   Well, I go in and I get confused for one of their clients.   Seeing as they represent criminals, I’m just not quite sure how to take that!
  • I had a lovely post written out on why I’m glad I wasn’t a young mother, but I have lost it now.  And I really don’t feel like typing it out again.   So you may all wonder.  (NOTE : It was not bashing young mothers.  It was more about things I’ve learned)
  • I need to get in the pattern of reading again.  When I do read, I love it SO MUCH.  But when I stop, it’s hard to get back in it again.
  • I went tubing for the first time on Saturday.  I went camping with the “OY” group.  (Older Youth — of which I was the oldest by…well actually, I think this time just by four years.  Bless their little hearts)  So I decided to be adventerous and go out on the boat and go tubing.  When I came home, I found out that my boss’ husband hurt his elbow really bad when tubing, and A’s boyfriend blew out his knee when tubing.  I’m really glad I didn’t know that beforehand.
  • My legs look like the legs of an abused woman since I went tubing.  They were actually not very pretty beforehand, but due to the tubing I got some LOVELY huge purple bruises that just was the icing on the cake. 😉


  1. Really? Is tubing all that dangerous??? I did get a very pronounced bruise, too, which was weird for me, as I pretty much never get bruises. It was small though, and has never hurt in the least, only looks bad.

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