Posted by: purestjoy | September 2, 2010

Eyes off of self.

So.  I’ve decided what Indianapolis needs — or if they have it, I need to discover it — is a place for older single people to minister to others.   Not “single” as in “let’s get together and fall in love” (because honestly, that creeps me out)  but a “hey, we have some distinct ways that we can help people that the marrieds can’t so let’s band together and love on people”.   Eyes off self and onto others!   Let’s use the gift that God has given us for His glory, yo!

Because there is nothing wrong with coming together and having fun. (We all know that I do love to have a good time 🙂 and in a way that is good as well, fellowship is a wonderful thing, amen?  Amen!  But I think we also need to be focusing on the body and on how we can help others (widows? orphans? )

Or at least…that’s what the Lord has been working with me on.  I know all these things….but I need to be DOING all these things, not just talking about them, not just thinking on them, not just complaining that no one else is living how they are supposed to,  not just reading about them … but DOING them, regardless of what others might think of me, regardless of what I think of myself when doing them.

To God ALONE be the glory. Amen?   Amen!


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