Posted by: purestjoy | October 18, 2010

A frozen hallelujah….

I have a sinus headache.  The first thing I’m doing after getting off work is hightailing it to a drugstore and getting Exedrin Sinus Headache.  Dude that stuff is amazing.

SO I might have lied.  I will probably get a latte first.  Because that stuff is also amazing.

I look like a secretary from the 40’s today.  I think secretary’s from the 40’s were very classy.   Of course, whenever I think secretary from the 40’s, I think Grace Livingston Hill so I fully expect to have some handsome stranger rescue me in some way today (or me rescue him) and he will fall in love with my sweet character and wonder where I came from, and then we will randomly meet again in an elevator and he will declare his love for me.  *nods*


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