Posted by: purestjoy | December 16, 2010

Great Expectations

So today something came up, and I quickly realized that I was far more excited about something than everybody else was.  I was sorely disappointed, and I immediately reigned my expectations in, and told myself to “have no expectations.”   In doing so, I honestly felt deflated and a little bummed.

But then I got to thinking….is it WRONG to have high hopes?  Is it wrong to be SO. EXCITED. about something?   I know that for a lot of things, I have to continually tell myself to have NO expectations.  The times in life where I have been so bitterly disappointed have been the times where I had expectations and they didn’t come to fruition.  It was nobody’s fault but my own.  I can’t put blame on others when they, in fact, have done nothing inherently wrong. They just merely didn’t (or the circumstances) didn’t live up to my expectation.  If I go into something with no hopes, than I am either 1) happily surprised or 2) face no disappointment if it’s a bust.

But is it really a way to live life?  Are expectations Biblical?

I am conflicted. 🙂   Because on one hand, I know with children, if you expect them to behave a certain way, they often will.  Now (obviously) with children, you know they aren’t always going to behave correctly, but if you have that bar there that you know that they CAN, they often will or will at least try and that is something.  The same with guys.  I expect the guys that I am around to be gentlemen.   Far too often in today’s society they are expected to act like complete creeps.  Well, I am sorry, I know they are capable of so much more and do expect them to behave like gentlemen, and I *will* act completely surprised if you are anything but that.

Also running through my mind is something that I read awhile back, and it is so true.  It was something along the lines of — So many people are running around bitter at God because they expected something Him that He never promised. They expect a miracle where God never promised one.  They expect to be saved from a certain condition when it was not something that He promised.

So what do you think?  What are Biblical expectations?  Should we have expectations in regards to people/circumstances our life?




  1. Okay…here’s my thoughts…

    I believe expectations ARE Biblical WHEN you ask God’s input on the matter. I believe that you should expect those things from the Bible to be true and expect that those things God promises to us to hold true. I know there are Scripture that say that…but I’m not sure which ones they are. I believe this is the true meaning of the word “hope” actually…to be expecting what God promises.

    Expectation outside of God’s promises, not so much…especially when dealing with people. People are with sin, and even when they have the best of intentions, they can fail you (where God will not). I can’t say that I follow this to the T…cause there is no way that I do…but this is what I believe outside of my own personal emotions and self-doubt. I struggle deeply with expectations and each time keeps bringing me back to His truth. Just a few humble thoughts on the matter…

  2. I like your thoughts! I also find this quite confusing as times…We should share thoughts, although I’m not sure I really have any good conclusions…

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