Posted by: purestjoy | January 17, 2011

(I stole this photo from the internet…because I had no photos on the insides of the shops. 🙂 )

Today I walked into an Indian store that I didn’t know was there. It was tucked away in a strip mall, and I just happened to decided to go in and try it out. I was going for the grocery part, but when I walked in I discovered there was also a little store that sold saris, bangles & selvar kamis. It took my breath away. I stepped in and immediately my eyes filled up with tears. I had no idea how badly I missed India until I stepped back in time for a moment. It was set up like the shops in India. (like the picture above) They had some things hanging out for you to browse through, but a lot of the stuff was behind the counter where you had to ask to see it. I am sure they all thought I was crazy, white girl standing there, crying. The fabric was so gorgeous and bright, so…Indian. (If you watch Bollywood movies, you know exactly what I mean. )

I never expected to fall in love with India so much. I truly didn’t. I always thought my heart would be tied up in China or Africa. I went to India to have my horizon expanded and to serve God’s people, but not expecting to have my heart land there and stay there. I thought time would maybe start to erase the ties that I felt there, but I think they have gotten stronger.

But….how can your heart strings not be tugged at little ones like this?

(little street kids in Cubbin Park who wanted their picture taken)


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