Posted by: purestjoy | February 1, 2011


Well, January 2011 has come to a close.   All in all it has ended with a bang.   It was a bittersweet bang for me.  Sweet because I spent my last Sunday in San Antonio Texas with a very good friend and her family. We drove down beginning at midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning, and arrived about 9 pm on Saturday.  It was a fabulous drive down.  We didn’t run into any weather.  The traffic was divine.   We had one time where the car didn’t start after we filled up for gas. (If you want to imagine a funny sight, imagine two girls opening the hood, looking at it, looking at each other, wiggling some wires, and saying, “Well.  It’s hot??”) We had one guy come over, but he seemed to know about as much as we did about cars, so he eventually left.  We let it cool down, and prayed that it would be okay, and lo and behold, it started just fine and we didn’t have any other issues!  When we got down to San Antonio, it was beautiful!  75 to 80 degrees. I got to see the Alamo, Tower of America and took a boat ride on the Riverwalk.  It was the most perfect day.  Bitter because on the plane ride back this morning I was by myself, seeing as the drive down was because she was moving down there.  :/  


In other big news, I had allergy testing finally done.  Remember how I was saying how being off flour and sugar was just a royal pain?  I totally shouldn’t have complained!! hah! 😉    After my horrible reaction at Christmas time that really scared me, I decided to bite the bullet and get allergy testing done.  So I had talked to my doctor and she referred me to an allergist.  They did the skin testing on my back.  The nurse walked in after the 15 minute wait time, looked at my back and said, “Oh well. You didn’t really like food anyway, did you?”   I knew it was a bad sign then.  heh.   So yeah, they tested for me for 51 things.  I had reactions to 45.   :/  I am allergic to….Eggs, Wheat, Soybean, Peanuts, all tree nuts (except coconuts), all fruits (except bananas & pineapple), all seafood, shellfish (except crab), all veggies, all grains and seeds,all meat (except pork) vanilla & yeast.  I am NOT allergic to chocolate.  We all may dance in celebration of THAT. 😉  And no, I did not get tested for coffee.  I refuse.

The good news is that some of the things I had reactions to they are just mild.  So basically, I am going to be on a very strict diet and then add things in one at a time, for a three day period, and see how I do.   So it’s going to be a royal pain for a little bit while I get it all figured out.  But I am hopeful that I still be a functioning member of society and not high maintenance after a while.  I am VERY hopeful though that this will help me feel LOADS better.   Like a friend of mine said, this could totally be one reason why I feel like crap is because my body is just so depleted constantly fighting everything (since I am allergic to everything).

I am also VERY hopeful that some of the allergens will go away.  (You know me, the eternal optimist! 😉 )  Since I have just basically been developing them and developing them, it makes sense that my body is just out of whack.  So maybe once I get my body “in whack”, they will start un developing.  Don’t you like how scientific I am?   😉

The fun part will be figuring out what to eat, how to add things in, and then how to keep my diet rotating.  So if you have any wheat-free,  egg-free, nut-free, soy-free, grain-free recipes….please do share!



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