Posted by: purestjoy | February 26, 2011

HAHAHAHA. Um, wait. What were we laughing about?

So even though I myself am not even close to being married and having kids, I have a lot of people in my life that are, and a lot of the blogs that I read touch on this.  I would say the majority of my friends & the blogs I read are “crunchy” for lack of a better word.

But I just have to say……while all of them are all “do what’s best for your child,” “you are the parent. you know what’s best.”  It is rather shocking how adament they become when the other parents ways are not their ways.   Cry it out?  Co-sleeping vs. baby in another room? My lands, what an uproar!  😉   It is rather humourous to me, as having the “outside looking in” view of things.   I *want* to say something sometimes to the affect that not everybody who practices the opposite of what they practice are evil, and in fact, some babies are actually quite happy and sleep a heck of a lot better than their babies because they ARE on a schedule!  Because quite frankly they have chosen what is best for their babies.  To automatically assume that a parent is doing something out of sheer selfishness for themselves is quite an assumption to make!  But I don’t say anything.  I keep my mouth shut.

I just post it on here. hah! 😉

Speaking of “crunchy” blogs, I have just discovered within the past month  It’s kind of a nifty blog, and I really appreciate her attitude of “yes, we strive to eat healthy, but we don’t make it a god.”  I say Huzzah to her!  Plus, she makes me laugh.  😉

Oh, and for those of you wondering if I am surviving on my diet.  I am not starving death!  In fact for dinner tonight I had…..oh stinkypot, I just remembered what I had for dinner.   I had gluten free chocolate cake & potato chips with ranch dip tonight.  Um.  Okay. LAST night, I had a scrumptious dinner of lemon butter tilapia, quinoa & steamed green beans (salted with garlic butter).  For lunch, I had steak (marked WAY down so I snatched it up) with spinach salad.  The night before ( I think?)  curried lentil soup with a rather dismal FAIL at gluten free biscuits.   So I am actually eating quite well, and I am getting used to fixing my own food.   I have discovered that I am no longer QUITE the tornado I used to be in the kitchen.  Apparently, practice makes you get better at stuff.

Note, it doesn’t make you any more less clumsy, seeing as I have dumped all my chocolate chips out, and wow, did you know gluten free flours are very…light?  Light means one puff of air, and it goes EVERYWHERE.

Oh, and foods that are definitely out so far?  onions apparently make me break out. (Who knew?)  and apparently corn is out as well.  I added it back in last Thursday, and while I didn’t notice any “YES.  This makes me feel horrible!)  By Wednesday, I was NOT feeling good.  So I have taken it back out, and I am back to feeling mostly okay today. So I’m kind of wondering if maybe it’s a “I can have occasionaly, but not everyday” type thing.

Bodies are weird, did you know that?   Well, they ARE.  Money pits and WEIRD.

Speaking of money, I have a bazillion transcripts that you know, people might actually want so I better get to editing.   Ah the life of a court reporter.  (Yes, I do love it.  It makes me giddy typing that….”court reporter”!)  A stressed giddy, but giddy nonetheless!  😉

I love you all, my little gummy bears.



  1. I think schedules are great and work for some people. Having Titus on a schedule stressed me out, because he didn’t always cooperate. When he wouldn’t cooperate, I took it as me being a bad parent and it led to depression. I wish having a schedule (sleeping type schedule) did work for me, because it some ways it would make life easier. However, I don’t think his life is ruined (At least not yet).

  2. See. My point exactly! 🙂 You are doing what’s best for YOUR child! There is a whole lot of pressure to conform…when honestly, sometimes babies just not get the memo and just do their own thing. If only THEY would read the books! hehehe 😉

    *HUGZ* Speaking of…well, not really anything…..I’m pondering running away to visit you sometime…I’m not sure when though. But it’s in the back of my mind (because it IS my turn! 🙂 )

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