Posted by: purestjoy | April 2, 2011

I really like banjo music.

According to my clock the time is 9:16.  According to my scheduling I should be watering the plants at church.

According to my body, I am sitting at “my” desk, drinking coffee and writing this blog post.  Why?  Well, according to my schedule I was supposed to be up four hours ago.  According to my body, I got up 45 minutes ago…and that was ONLY because the two dogs decided that they had to go out and thus jumped on the bed, (the small one on my chest) and pawed and STARED at me.  If you want to be weirded out, try opening your eyes and finding that you are being stared at by two creatures.  They are very very cute, but it still weirds you out.

I wonder why I even keep a schedule.  Nothing ever goes as I plan on it.  Still, it helps me sort of keeps my thoughts together, figure out what I’m going to do, etc.  That’s the goal anyways.   I refuse (obviously) to live my life BY the schedule.   Things happen in life that aren’t scheduled and just because they aren’t scheduled doesn’t mean that we should ignore them. If a friend needs to talk, who wants to hear the words, “Well, I’m sorry you are having a rough day dear.  I can fit you in around 10:30 tomorrow morning.” or “Sorry, dahling, right now I am scheduled to be doing my nails and listening to my audio book, and you KNOW the world is going to collapse if I don’t get that done. So Suck it up and write me an email and I’ll respond tomorrow morning during my 6 am respond time.”   I might hit my friend if I heard that, and I think I would be completely justified. hah. 😉

Today it hit me as I was reading, that I need to write more songs or poems.   People used to do that ALL the time, as an outpouring of their love, devotion and thanks.  Miriam, Deborah, David…and MORE.  It was like the proper response.  So yeah, I need to do it more.  Instead of all the depressing stuff that I am so fond of writing.  Not that writing depressing things is bad, I mean…have you READ the Psalms?   But I really should incorporate more happy stuff. It would also be great if I could write happy stuff and then learn the banjo!  That would be FANTASTIC!

Anyways…with that.  I really must be off.  I was sick this Wednesday, and it’s just kind of amazing how doing nothing ONE day can get you SO behind. INSANE.  But I have one cup of coffee down so I should be safe to drive.

Happy Saturday guys!  Go out there and Glorify God! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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