Posted by: purestjoy | April 5, 2011

{insert sad face}

So.  Butler lost.  If you watched the game, you know just how they lost. They could not make a shot to save their life last night.  It was heart-breaking.   The U-Conn defense was great, to their credit.   They have big guys.  Butler has small guys, and every which way they turned, there were the big guys.  And then when they did get a clear shot off, it was just….off. 😦   Also, the refs were not the best last night. I am not blaming the loss on that because that would be crazy, but there were some VERY clear fouls that should have been called that weren’t. So that did NOT help matters.

But here’s the thing.   I am still so proud of them.  By golly!   I would have been more upset if I felt like they gave up. But they didn’t. They kept on hustling, they kept on trying.  And if they had made any of the shots they put off, they would have been just fine.

I just want to give Matt Howard a hug, an older sister “by golly you did good and I am so proud of you, and I wish it went better last night but you are so great” hug. 🙂   Of course, he has 9 siblings to give him hugs.  So that’s good. heh 🙂



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