Posted by: purestjoy | April 6, 2011


Though you read my last post, it probably doesn’t.  (again…Sorry, J!!!!)

But if you remember how I talked about wanting to give Matt Howard a hug?  Read this article.

THIS is why I like the Bulldogs.  If anyone has known me for any amount of time, you know I like sports. I grew up a Blazer fanatic. I can remember Dad pulling out the black and white TV, trying to catch a Blazer game.  We didn’t have a TV growing up…but my Grandma O. brought one with her when she moved in, and we got maybe 3 channels on it because we lived in the boondocks. 🙂  I think that was when the Blazers were in the NBA finals.  I had Blazer cups from DQ. Anything Blazer i could get my hands on, I got it.  I was a FAN. I stayed a fan even when we moved away.  But…then they went crazy.  Then they started getting the nickname the “Jailblazers”. And guess what?  I was no longer a fan.  I will stick through horrible seasons. I will be loyal through thick and thin….But when you start doing things on and off the court that I cannot be proud of….I will very sadly pack of my loyalty and go….(note: it wasn’t just a few and only for a year or so…it continued for awhile. 😦 😦 )

So then I became a Pacer fan.  And boy was I a fan!  My friend Michal and I would buy the $10 seats, which means being in literally the very last row…like we leaned against the stadium wall.   And we yelled and cheered for our Pacers!  We got T-shirts for being the loudest fans. And then guess what? The players started getting arrested.  It seemed like for awhile every morning you opened the paper, there was another article about one of them being arrested.  I was disillusioned.  I love basketball, LOVE IT. It’s the game I grew up playing in my family with my brothers.  My Mom was an all-star in her state, playing basketball.  I just loved it.  But I no longer loved professional basketball.  I think both the Pacers and Blazers have tried to clean up their image now, but I still….meh.  I think I’m through with the NBA for good. :/

So I became a Colts fan.  I learned about football.  (Apparently, I need an outlet where I can scream and it’s acceptable? 😉 ) I love my Colts. They are decent, both on and off the field. At least, they appear to be.  I can be proud of them!  The bad thing about football though is a lot of the games (i.e., most) are played on Sunday, and I don’t really like that.

But then enter college basketball, and the Bulldogs.  Now HERE, here is a team that I can be proud of! I’ve just become more and more impressed, and this just clinched it for me.   I’ve never really cared about college basketball.  IU? Purdue? It’s the raging controversy in this state.  But…..I think I’ll stick with Butler, thank you very much. 🙂

(just….please continue to be an upstanding team…..I don’t think I can handle another team full of convicts! don’t be stupid and go against rules.  Continue to be heartfelt and do things the right now, and by golly, I will stick by your side!!!)



  1. I love you, Katrina! Totally agree that the Butler Bulldogs make me sooooo proud because of their attitude, priorities, and morals. And many days their playing too. I agree that if it wasn’t for their spirit of humility and balanced priorities, I wouldn’t be so interested in their playing either! They are just an all-star team as far as that goes, and they even have awesome academic records!

    (And I do believe that the way you scream you probably do just need an acceptable outlet for screaming! 🙂 lol)

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