Posted by: purestjoy | May 3, 2011

Monon Coffee Company

I have decided that my new hobby is trying out new coffee shops.  You laugh, but I am being quite serious.  Hey,  Nancy my counselor at L’Abri said I needed a hobby!  Puzzling is great, but sometimes it’s just not very convenient.

So I am very serious about finding THE best white chocolate mocha in Indianapolis.  After I figure that out, I will go on to Skinny Vanilla Lattes, and after that, the best brewed coffee.  So I go out armed with my handy (though not always trustworthy GPS) and google to find that “best coffee place”.   I think I may have found it already, but I continue trying. Hint: It’s not Starbucks. 🙂

Most of the time I am going alone because — well, not a lot of my friends have the freedom that I have or the other ones don’t have the passion for coffee that I have and would find it boring (and I don’t want to listen to complaining about coffee shops — they are my happy place)  🙂   As a side note, I am finding it interesting to see how people react to the single person coming in and that is definitely a factor in how I rate them.  Though,  still, if any of my friends would like to join me in my quest, I shall welcome it. 🙂

The other day I tried out Monon Coffee Company located in Broad Ripple.  The first strike against it was parking. 😦  There was only street parking. I happened across as one person was leaving.  I parallel parked, which I’m okay not. I am not great, but I am okay at.   I like ease of parking.  🙂  I did go around 6:30 pm, though, and it was Broad Ripple so perhaps at other times it’s not so bad.

Once inside, it was largish, but not overwhelming, and there were a fair amount of people.  It was your typical “Broad Ripple” fare. 🙂   The gentleman at the counter was very nice and friendly.  They were having issues with the espresso machine, but that’s okay. I seem to have that affect on espresso machines, for some reason.

The price was decent. $3.67 (?) for a large WC mocha.  The downside to that,though, is unlike all of the other coffee shops that I have tried, they only provide one shot for that price.  I did end up getting another shot for free this time because of the machine not working quite right, but I am glad that I asked.  For this quest of mine, I am getting all of them large and those generally are two shots, if not three.   So if you choose to have another shot added, it would be more.

BONUSES:  They have a “frequent shopper” card. I am not sure why more places do not do this. .   If I’m going to be spending money on coffee, why not have it adding up to a free one?  They also have gluten-free snacks.  Granted, they were completely out of every.single. one. BUT…they had options of four different things, if they were in stock. I meant to ask when they would be re-stocked, but I forgot.  The prices on the gluten-free was very reasonable (for gluten-free things!)

So overall, I don’t know that I will be going back, simply because it wasn’t that easy to get to for me and sadly they did not have the best WC Mocha.  So far I would rate it 7th out of the ones that I have tried.  If I were walking on the Monon with a friend though, I can definitely see myself going there or perhaps if I ever got a bike.  🙂  The barista was friendly.  It was clean.  They have funky coffee shop humourous comics. (I like places that make me laugh.) Plus, they are doing what — ever since I became gluten-free — have thought that funky coffee shops should do, and that is provide allergen-free things to eat. I have been surprised that I have not seen this at any of the other shops. So that is a definite plus in their favor.  🙂


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