Posted by: purestjoy | May 14, 2011

I should really be going to bed………

So I was writing a stream-of-consciousness thing because you would be amazed at what writing down your stream of consciousness will help you work through.  This is what hit me…

Treat others as you would want them to be treated.  Do you ever just want to beat people over the head with that?   I must admit I do.  But then I myself do not want to be hit in the head with a 2 by 4, so I don’t.   But I mean….really.

Who actually WANTS to be judged?  I know I don’t.  I just want to be loved.     I mean, who REALLY wants to be judged by people?  “Oh, i just WISH somebody would come into my house and think snarky thoughts about it and let others know how bad of a housekeeper I am!”    You would think that people would treat others how they want to be treated and NOT make snarky comments about other people.  But….they DO. 😦  Sadly.  Thus everyone lives in fear of what others might say……..Well not everyone.  The smart people don’t. hah. 🙂

I mean, I know, I know…..Most often people make the snarky comments because they themselves are insecure so they feel that they have to put others down in order to make themselves feel better about themselves.  I can almost guarantee that when someone makes a rude comment and puts somebody down there is some area in their life where they are feeling insecure.  A jerky person at work is probably having issues at home.  A jerky person at home is probably being put down at work or simply feeling inadequate.

But don’t you wish you could just let EVERYBODY know that they don’t need to do that, and just…STOP the cycle?

Maybe this is where being secure in Christ really helps.  If you are secure in Christ, you don’t feel the need to put others down to puff yourself up.  You know who you are.  You don’t need to “make others see” because it’s only Christ who matters.  You don’t need to make others feel stupid for not knowing things because you realize nobody knows all things.  I’m sure the person knows more about certain things then you do.

Anyways…….This is the reason why I shouldn’t think too deep of thoughts after 10 pm.  It becomes swirling vortex…………….hah.:)



  1. Not a swirling vortex at all! My thoughts have followed almost the same train before…except I don’t worry about what people might think too often, unless I have felt judged/looked down on by them in the past. Then I’m hyper-sensitive.

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