Posted by: purestjoy | June 22, 2011

Sometimes being an adult is just tiring by golly.  So many responsibilities.  So many things to fall behind on.  It’s kind of ridiculous really.

In other news, I cut my hair today.  It is SHORT. Well, I mean, not like crew cut short, but it is short. I can still flip it though.  You gotta have hair that you can flip. I’m told that’s the key to a lot of things, the flipping of the hair. (HAH)

My car is almost all the way fixed, bless it’s little heart.   It still needs an oil change and an alignment and then it will be as good as new!  Well, as new as a car with 210,000 miles on it can be.

Kitties are SO MUCH FUN to play with.   They might call it annoying them, but I call it playing with them.  Tomato, Tomahto.  Lasers and cats=hours of fun for everyone.  😉

This makes me want to dance.

(I really enjoy Peter Furler.   It is rocky though…so if you don’t prefer that type of music….DON”T CLICK ON IT)  I heard him on K Love this radio. I just REALLY appreciate him.  He was talking about how you don’t rely on emotions and how you FEEL.  You rely on the word of God.   If I lived my life by my emotions, oh good grief I would be a wreck.   But you live your life by the one thing that NEVER changes, the Word of God.  The living and breathing Word of God that speaks into all of our situations.  The challenge is DOING that….knowing it, but then the challenge is taking up the word of God and studying it daily. You get the quality time in the quantity time. 🙂  (the last part was me..Not Peter Furler.  But since he is so kewl I am sure that he would agree with it.  Plus,  y’all…he has an Australian accent!)

Now excuse me…I’m going to go get my exercise by dancing this out! =D


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