Posted by: purestjoy | April 4, 2012

Up until this point in this life, I had thought more about songs for my funeral than for my wedding.

Well, that changed yesterday. 🙂   The man that makes me laugh,who “gets” me, who challenges me in my walk with Christ, the man that can set my heart a flutter, a man that lets me be downright just idiotic with him one minute and lets me ask a deep question the next, the man who passionately lives for God, the most imperfect man that is perfect for me, got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him.

My momma didn’t raise no fool. I said Yes

And now the girl who thought she would never get married ….THAT girl is most happily surprised by love. 🙂



  1. Wow, Katrina! I LOVE your description of your “Mr. Right.” So fitting, so true! I hope to one day be able to say similar things! THRILLED for the “girl who thought she would never get married,” that she is indeed now planning her wedding! And glad to be the roomie who always tried to tell her that I didn’t buy her “not getting married” sentiment and that it was definitely possible that a girl with so many wonderful qualities would find the right guy yet!

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